Redbull Storm Chase 2014 – Cornwall

Feeling the Storm

I see the Redbull helicopter … yeah it really exists! I’m on the beach with the best windsurfers of the world.

Windsurfers hands are freezing, my jokes are not so well accepted. They can’t use gloves, it is power power power windsurf!!! Their bodies fit the wetsuit very amazing .. I think they pass many hours in the gym in order to have these muscles.

Moving to the second hit

Windsurfers move to another place, they have to climb … I walk on the sand to get to the second spot.

The second hit

Windsurfers are in the middle of 5 metres high waves, struggling with the board ad the sail with only their muscles. I imagine to be in the sea and I know I could last some seconds… High jumps! But my love is aerial off the lips: it is like to declare to be stronger…