Windsurf passion takes me during 2014 from Lake Como to Redbull Storm Chase in Cornwall

Redbull Storm Chase 2014 – Cornwall

Feeling the Storm

I see the Redbull helicopter … yeah it really exists! I’m on the beach with the best windsurfers of the world.

Windsurfers hands are freezing, my jokes are not so well accepted. They can’t use gloves, it is power power power windsurf!!! Their bodies fit the wetsuit very amazing ..
I think they pass many hours in the gym in order to have these muscles.

Moving to the second hit

Windsurfers move to another place, they have to climb … I walk on the sand to get to the second spot.

The second hit

Windsurfers are in the middle of 5 metres high waves, struggling with the board ad the sail with only their muscles. I imagine to be in the sea and I know I could last some seconds… High jumps! But my love is aerial off the lips: it is like to declare to be stronger than waves, because you can fly on them. One hour hit it is normal for these super heros: they fall in must high waves and than they water start as nothing happened. If someone crash a sail in a couple of minutes a jetsky is there to bring a new sail … it seems so easy !!!!!!

How I got to Cornwall from Italy Como Lake

Redbull TV has an alert for tomorrow! My wife is easy to convince, because my passion for windsurf born in 1997 is so strong. I will see the best windsurf athletes in the world. I will breathe the same wind in Cornwall! I love extreme! But I need to organize very quickly: a plane, a car, an hotel. It seems easy!!!! Let’s stop normal life and go to extreme!

Comfort zone … does it exist?

After landing in London I got a rent a car, but some issues appear:

  • drive to the left
  • it is raining
  • it is dark
  • never driven car with automatic transmission
  • big car with ten thousand incomprehensible buttons, also has voice commands
  • I’m really tired
  • the hotel closes at midnight, like Cinderella!
  • car hire type puts me in the wrong address of the hotel

I find myself wandering in the night a bit ‘randomly, crazy …
Arrived at the wrong hotel. At the Golf Club I find a guy who humanly corrects the GPS setting.
Landing at 11:59 pm at the right one …
I sleep from 1:30 am to 3:00 am and then I leave for Cornwall.

From London to Cornwall by night … safety first

The navigator says … 5 hours and 58 minutes to Gwithian …
My driving resistance is nothing, because I get bored immediately, so I imagine it will be my last trip. It’s pitch dark, I do not know where I’m going, I have to be there at 9:00. I listen to the news that continues to give catastrophic forecasts on Cornwall. I try all the Volvo safety devices in order. There are at least three degrees of alerts based on when I snake right and left. A yellow spot appears in the middle of the dashboard Then a message appears to stop and rest immediately. At one point I do not know what the hell I did, but the dashboard turns red and a loud noise wakes me up pretty well. Thanks car!

Myself …

opensurf yourself : communicate + have fun + be strong

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